Warframe frame slots

warframe frame slots

There aren't any free warframe slots given from mastery ranks. You're probably confusing it with loadout slots which are unlocked from every. This is how to open slots without pay Game. Warframe ; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming. Category. im just curious if this is possible to do without platinum? found out i didnt have anymore weapon slots today so i sold my mk-1 braton i had just  Warframe slots? - Players helping Players.

Warframe frame slots Video

Warframe Gibberish: Mod capacity and How to get more. warframe frame slots

Warframe frame slots - was tun

Go To Question Listing Players helping Players. If you want to collect all of the guns and Warframes, the only two ways to get more inventory space is trade in game items to other players to earn platinum or use real life cash to buy platinum off of the Warframe website. This Topic All Content This Topic This Forum Advanced Search. Prime weapons parts in warframe. If you have not received your purchase after 48 hours, please create a ticket with the following information so that we can assist you as quickly as possible:


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