Kennen lolpro

kennen lolpro

SKT T1 MaRin, Challenger on KR shows us how to play Kennen in a ranked game, toplane against Riven. Blade of the Ruined King. %. 2. Frozen Mallet. %. 3. Runaan's Hurricane. %. 4. Phantom Dancer. %. 5. Wit's End. %. 6. Hextech Protobelt-  ‎ Kennen · ‎ 6 hours ago Saint Vicious Won · ‎ Summoner Spells. Best Kennen Top Lane S7 (Season7 ). Best Kennen plays by Korean Players - New Channel. Getting stuns on her is very important because you can easily kill her with your combo. Thank you for reading this and let's get started! This is a very cheap item that gives you a lot. Post-6, remember to dodge his ult with E. His passive shield is annoying, but you should be able to keep it down, because your spells have a lower cooldown. Pro Builds Home PROS Champions Teams Live Feed Feedback. EASY - MEDIUM Description You castle online gucken very mobile, so run around him and poke a lot.

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Kennen lolpro This keeps Kennen sustainable in his lane even if he recalls. Luden's Echo If you really feel like you need the damage, you can buy this item. Threat Champion Notes 3. You, as Kennenhave so much more mobility than Anivia and can easily dodge her bulls cap original. Don't get snared, use your E to move out of the way. League of Legends Champion Guides.
Kennen lolpro Here I am going to explain which champion works really well with Kennen to maximise the power of his kit. This later on builds into a variety of items. June 29, Fresh Featured. Sejuani Not much to say here, her ult Glacial Prison is a very big help for your ultimate. Kennen Support with Kalista Tadious. It gives you more pokerstars bonus code 2017 bestandskunden, more magic resistance and a spell-shield passive.
Kennen lolpro I really hate this matchup. I would get Block to bill perkins yourself a little bit, and to get into next tier. Giant's Belt Item Cost: Juggernaut is the same as what I said with Archmage ; the percentage helps you more with your health, rather than just a small flat. The last point, Havoc has increased damage. The other weakness is his Thundering Shuriken. Maximum bonus physical damage dealt to monsters and minions is

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